Working on Jordan’s Airwaves

My name is Jona Fras, and I’m (currently) a PhD student at the IMES department at the University of Edinburgh (see my woefully underdeveloped and outdated bio page here). This blog is meant primarily as a way of publishing interesting stuff – notes, reflections, opinions, observations – cropping up from my work on Jordanian radio stations. My main area of interest is the (colloquial) language that can be heard on private radio in Jordan, but I also write more generally about radio communication and the kinds of interaction that radio programmes present, and allow. I try to avoid specialist vocabulary, or explain it if absolutely necessary.

As for the “reluctant”, well… let’s just say I’m still (even at this relatively late stage in my academic development) finding the idea of writing as an authority, academic or otherwise, on any given subject is scary as hell. Just plunge in, then, hmm?

Because, however tedious or outdated the phrase “Jordanian radio” might sound, it’s still very much there. And relevant. And fascinating. From the daily morning bickerings between callers and officials held “on the line” by teams fronted by charismatic host-stars, to Islamic advice programmes discussing the ethics of dealing with ants and parrots, to rain-soaked field-trips to Gaza transmitting ten-year-olds’ praise poetry in honor of the Jordanian king.

I hope to transmit at least some of this richness through this blog.

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